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  • 358 Fence

  • 358 Fence

358 Fence

358 fence is made of a strong welded mesh plate with small meshes. It is extremely difficult to penetrate and attack with traditional hand tools. It has the functions of anti-climbing and anti-cutting.


 Product description of 358 fence

358 fence made from a type of strong welded mesh panel with small mesh opening. It is extremely difficult to penetrate and difficult to attack using conventional hand tools, has the features of anti-climbing and anti-cutting. The fence name 358 fence comes from its panel mesh opening 3" × 0.5" × 8 gauge - approximate to 76.2 mm × 12.7 mm × 4 mm mesh opening. It is recommended to use a strong structure and corrosion resistance as a welded metal fence, galvanized after welding, and then PVC coating.


 358 fence specification

Mesh pattern: 76.2 mm (3") × 12.7 mm (0.5") resistance welded well at each intersec

Wire diameter: 4 mm horizontal wire and vertical Wire.

Weld strength: range 540-690 N/m2

Surface treatment: 358 mesh fence panels made from galfan wire, then PVC powder coating (min. 100 micron), or PVC powder painting. It provides additional protection and increases the potential life span.

Colours: Green RAL 6005, or Black RAL 9005.

Installation: Overlapped 75 mm minimum at each post for securing with slotted clamp bars and M8 diameter bolts.

Fence Height(M)Panel Size(H*W)Post(H*Size*Thick)Clamp Bar(H*W*Thick)Inter or comer clamp No(PCS)
22007mmx2515mm2700x60x60x2.5mm2007mmx60x5.00mm7 or 14
2.42400mmx2515mm3100x60x60x2.5mm2400mmx60x5.00mm9 or 18
32997mmx2515mm3800x80x80x2.5mm2997mmx80x6.00mm11 or 22
3.33302mmx2515mm4200x80x80x2.5mm3302mmx80x6.00mm12 or 24
3.63607mmx2515mm4500x100x60x3.0mm3607mmx100x7.0mm13 or 26
3.63607mmx2515mm4500x100x100x3.0mm3607mmx100x7.00mm13 or 26
4.24204mmx2515mm5200x100x100x4.0mm4204mmx100x8.0mm15 or 30
4.54496mmx2515mm5500x100x100x5.0mm4496mmx100x8.00mm16 or 32
5.25207mmx2515mm6200x120x120x5.0mm5207mmx100x8.00mm18 or 36


358 fence application

358 fence is a high secure fence, suitable places include:

Prison.  Military sites.   Detention center.  Psychiatric hospital. Airport. Bridge. Sub-station. Shipping port.  Warehouse. Power plant. Laboratory.  Petroleum and chemical facilities guarding.  Industrial and commercial property, etc.

358 Fence

358 Fence


358 Fence

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